40 Day Empowered Abundance Meditation

2024… The year of Pranic Upgrade.  Harness the Greatness of your

Soul’s Purpose through Meditation!

40 day Empowered Abundance Meditation & Workshop

Join the Mahanrajs Saturday, January 20th 2024

40 day Global Community Empowered Abundance Meditation Workshop
“Getting into the Aquarian Flow”

Join the Mahanrajs Saturday, January 20th 2-4pm 

Today the Sun and Pluto inter Aquarius setting a signature of beautiful disruption to the old programs that our breaking down in order to for your Soul to have a major Break through.

This is a time for the humble, the kind, the healer and YOU to step up.  You are front and center with the in coming energy and where it is most likely to land.

Aquarius LOVES the unusual, the most likely Not to Succeed to be empowered and WIN.  The Divine is challenging you to step away from doubt, struggle and lack and where the crown of the highest power…LOVE!

You are trusted, you are chosen and you are ready.  

We will unpack this in the workshop and give you the tools to begin living in this elevated state on a daily basis. Progress not perfection is KEY!


Transformational Breathwork

Mantra, Kriya, Mediation

Sound Healing

Begin a 40 Day Practice of Abundance

Workshop is $25

Plus Inspiration & Workshop $45 (Mediation Tool Box, Invites to Meditate via Zoom, and daily inspirational Texts)

to receive daily guidance, group meditation invites and more!

Sign up here and Portal access will be sent to you Sunday after the workshop start!