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Destiny Meditation Workshop and
40 Days of Light to Fully Embodying Your Bright Future!
Join the Mahanrajs Saturday, July 1st 4-6:30pm
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We are so excited to share with you an amazing Sadhana (personal meditation practice). At this moment in our life we are being gifted with so much Cosmic Elevation Energy, an Angelic Host dedicated to Humanities Awakening and your own efforts finally paying off in a huge way.

Workshop Experience:
Cosmic Download on Supportive Energy
Negativity and Doubt Cleanse
Empowered Light Infused Sound Healing
Guided Meditation~The Art and Purpose of Remembering Past Life Gems
Kriya, Mantra, Embodied Destiny Vortex

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Add On 40 Days of Daily Inspirational Guidance with The Mahanrajs $40 HAVE THE MAHANRAJS IN YOUR BACK POCKET! Morning Pep talk, Zoom Community Sadhana and Evening Blessings

We all feel it. Ever since 2020 there has been this huge upgrade in our consciousness. This is not an egoic upgrade, this is a spiritual awakening at the core of who we are.

The realization that the spiritual is not different or separate from our personality, our career, our love life or our legacy, is imperative. We reduce our elevation by fragmenting our life. By putting certain aspects of ourselves in boxes and keeping them separate from the whole of who we are.

Likely you have had some major breakdowns. Aspects of your life simply no longer work or serve you. We are breaking free from the story we were born into so that we can live the story we were born to live.

The Destiny Meditation will guide you to fully embody the new YOU. The Kriya dispels all karmic insecurity and fear. The Mantra we are using is called The Mantra for Life. The magic of this Sadhana is it’s ability to provide clarity, to answer the questions and provide the enthusiasm you need to fully embody a Karma Fear Legacy and Luminous Destiny, Wahe Guru!

If you have been feeling like something is trying to birth, that after much breakdown and breakthroughs you are ready for the New Chapter to dawn and yet it seems to illude you, THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!!!

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Studio and Zoom options available

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