Where do I park?

We have plenty of parking in the front lot. If there are no spots available there are additional spots around back behind the building and on the side street.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga is one of the safest and most effective ways to strengthen the nervous system, expand lung capacity, purify the bloodstream and activate the glandular system. This type of yoga uses asanas, pranayama, mantras, mudras and yogic postures. Kundalini yoga is based on kriyas, which allows to target specific aspects that need work at the same time. It can be practiced by anyone, irrespective of age, occupation, fitness level, and experience.

What are the benefits of Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga gives strength, boldness, lightness of the body, steadiness, and freedom from perception.

Clears the subconscious mind: It helps to move from attachments of the past. This in turn develops power of intuition. The developed intuition is most useful while making life choices and decisions.

A neutral mind: It helps calm the mind and most importantly help to act and not to react at critical situations. Through practice of Kundalini yoga, body and mind can be trained not to react emotionally. It does not repress the emotions; rather a neutral mind is developed to evaluate positives and negatives of a situation in an instant.

Physical wellbeing: gastrointestinal functions improve, excretory functions improve, increase in suppleness of joints in motion, cardiovascular efficiency increases.

Wellbeing: Mood swings improve, anger diminishes, memory sharpens, and learning ability improves. Most importantly depression decreases, concentration increases. A sense of inner calmness and inner wisdom is clearly noticed.

Biochemical wellbeing: Cholesterol decreases, sodium and glucose level decreases increase in HDL cholesterol and reduction in LDL cholesterol. Hemoglobin increases, thyroxin increases, white blood cell count decreases.

Befriending Ego: Kundalini yoga by uniting finite self with the infinite helps to know you in relation to the Universe, by providing a strong connection with the soul.

What does a Kundalini yoga class entail?

We start every class by tuning in with mantra. (sound)

We use pranayam (breathwork) and warm ups to get out bodies and spines nice and warm.

Then we are prepared for the kriya, a specific posture or set of postures that focus on a target. (depression, anger, prosperity, ect.)

We then lay down for relaxation. (sometimes with gong or singing bowls)

We come out of relaxation and prepare for meditation.

We close with blessing and mantra.

What should I bring and do I need to wear traditional Kundalini clothing?

Please wear what is comfortable for you and flexible for the various stretches. In Kundalini you will often see students and teachers with their heads wrapped in white or light colored fabric. The reason we do this is that the pressure of the fabric across the temples of the forehead and the 26 bones of the head creates a more comfortable container for our mind during periods of meditation and contains the rising kundalini energy.  Wearing light colors can help with balancing the corresponding colored chakra, and wearing white also helps us tap into and experience our vastness and neutralize negativity. However, if a head wrap is uncomfortable or distracting to your meditative practice then it is not recommended.

We have everything you will need at our studio, please help yourself. If you have your own mat, bolster, blanket, ect. feel free to bring it. We also have water and yogi tea for every class.