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Your place for happiness, energy and transformation. Featuring the Mahanraj Method Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healings and more! Classes offered daily in studio or online on Zoom.

Great Divine Flow Kundalini yoga studio and meditation center is located in the heart of Vista, California, and is YOUR entryway to even more Energy, Success, Happiness, Abundance and a Deep Sense of PEACE! We offer the best Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program in San Diego, called the “Guru is YOU”!

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient, proven practice that is relatively new to mainstream America, but is catching on like wild fire! Why? This is the Technology of Happiness. For one thing, it is a direct response to our fast-paced world and IS the antidote we need for our depression, confusion, stress, anxiety, and lack of energy and focus.

The Mahanraj Method

The Mahanraj Method Kundalini Yoga is all about ENERGY! Moving Energy. Connecting Energy. Igniting Your Happiness Energy. That’s why it works 16 times faster than other forms of yoga to bring you peace, success, healing and happiness! This is the Householders’ yoga. It was created for you and me, your family, and your neighbor. As a result it is for every one! AnyBODY can do it! It is an absolutely unique experience. Can it be mentally and physically challenging? Absolutely! But it can be easily modified for anyBODY to do it…including kids, seniors, or even people in a chair.

Best Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in San Diego

GDF is the Home of the “Guru is YOU”, Life Mastery Training, the best Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with both in person and online options. The Mahanrajs have been training Yoga Teachers in this transformative practice since 2011. Tony and Marcia originally ran the Kundalini Program at the Soul of Yoga in Encinitas and are responsible for training over 500 individuals in the mastery of this practice. People from across the USA and even Canada are attending the Life changing “Guru is YOU” training program with rave reviews!

More than Kundalini

In addition to the Mahanraj Method Kundalini Yoga, our studio also offers sound healings with crystal bowl and gong baths, various forms of meditation, pranic healing and Reiki, numerology readings and more. Check out our schedule below to see which classes are calling to you.

We look forward to seeing you in class! Please stop by or contact us with any questions. Sat Nam.

Home to the Mahanraj Method Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healings and the “Guru is YOU”, San Diego’s best Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training!

Meet the Great Divine Flow Yoga Founders







I can not give enough accolades to Mahanraj Singh and Mahanraj Kaur. I attend many Kundalini classes, including those taught by others. With out question, these two stand out as exceptional teachers They put in the time and effort necessary to create a superior class providing support for me and all of the other students in helping to create a better quality life. Their knowledge of Kundalini and willingness to live what they teach provides a total experience that is amazing. The icing on the cake is all the work they put into providing the most incredible music pushing the experience over the top!


I have had the pleasure of participating in Kundalini Yoga classes, workshops and teacher training with Mahanraj Kaur, “Marcia” over the past couple of years. Her relaxed, all are welcome style truly created a safe place for me to learn about this technology. Her deep understanding of Kundalini Yoga and ability to articulate what is happening in the universe through thoughtful stories has been deeply healing for me. I am filled with joy and gratitude when I think of the journeys I have taken through Marcia’s teaching.

-Tracie B.

Mahanraj Kaur, “Marcia” is so ‘out of the box’, which makes her and her classes very unique and fun! Kundalini yoga can sometimes be way too rigid and serious and Marcia knows how to lighten things up and add a new flavor to the kundalini experience. She is authentic, real and heart centered. She shines brightly and unapologetically which gives others permission to do the same! Thank you Marcia Frescura

-Noa L.

This workshop was obviously a labor of love. Saying “thank you” for this gift is inadequate.

-SatNam, Linda Cerra

Smiles, laughter, tears, strength, breathing, dancing…. Every class is truly unique in it’s own divine sweet way! Marcia Frescura your teachings and beautiful goddess spirit of yours is a blessing!! Thank you for all the personal healing, spiritual growth and family like yoga community that is shared at the soul of yoga!!!

-Lea D.

I have been mentally and spiritually transformed thanks to Kundalini Yoga and my AMAZING teachers Marcia “Mahanraj Kaur” & Tony “Mahanraj Singh” Frescura!!! Struggling with depression since childhood, I was hit hard yet again after my dad’s passing last year. Knowing that doctors and prescriptions proved little help to me in the past, I sought out an alternative “prescription”. I read Kundalini Yoga could help, so I searched online and found videos by a spunky, turban wearing gal named Marcia and I just had to give her class a whirl. I was hooked from the first day…and a week later I was taking The Manharaj’s 3-Day Intensive workshop. Over the past year I have attended Tony and Marcia’s classes regularly, as well as many of their outstanding workshops & 3-day retreats. Their enthusiasm and devotion to Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is contagious, and their love and compassion for their students & the world is inspiring. My journey with Kundalini has been spiritual, fun, weird, emotionally difficult, but ultimately life changing! My black cloud has lifted, my mind has calmed, I have a new confidence and dare I say…I am happy. Thank you Tony and Marcia for the teachings, guidance and support you’ve giving me this past year, for the friends I have made and for the wonderful Kundalini community you have created. If you are Kundalini Yoga curious, looking to improve your life or just want to have some fun, I can’t recommend Tony & Marcia highly enough!

-Sat Nam Suzie M

I chose to experience the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with the Mahanrajs for two very specific reasons. First and foremost was for my own self-care and personal empowerment. I needed effective and lasting tools to keep me in balance at home and work. The combination of Mantra, movement, breathwork, and meditation taught in Kundalini Yoga is designed to ground, inspire, energize, clear, and inspire, and create an overall sense of Happiness. The training helped me gain a deeper understanding of how to use the practical tools in my daily life. Secondly, I wanted to enhance my work as a mental health professional. There are many simple meditations and tools that can be used in mainstream settings. I am witnessing beautiful transformations as I pass on practical ways for others to break addictive behaviors and thought patterns. I am now facilitating a Meditation and Mindful Movement group which incorporates all of the tools I learned in the training. My employer has invited me to facilitate breathing, meditation, and mindful movement sessions for the team of Psychiatric Doctors, Nurses, and Psychotherapists I work with. The opportunities continue to grow. The experience and resources provided in the training provided me with everything I need to be Happy, Healthy, and Whole for the rest of my life. Everyone in my life has reaped the many benefits of my completion of the teacher training. Kundalini yoga keeps me in balance and makes me feel Joyful. I continue to transform as I practice the technology and share it with others. I can honestly say that I am the Happiest I have ever been. In Gratitude,

-Katy Joy F. (Viriam Kaur), MFT, Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor

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Great Divine Flow Yoga
What is the practical benefit of embracing this Universal Truth… well to start with you will never be lonely again. Our basic lesson and spiritual goal is to feel, here, and see the presence of the one in ourselves, in all beings, and in life everywhere. Opening our hearts to being one with everything, as a cocreator of our existence stimulates our empathy. With empathy we have an increased sense of compassion and curiosity. Our first response is no longer anger or defense, instead we are able to question ourselves and our ability to see what might be below the surface in the more triggering events in our life. What is available here for us to learn, clear, balance, heal and ultimately transcend. Oneness changes everything. Enjoy this day, are you seeing the oneness in this post?!? Hmmm did I write it or did we?!?@mahanrajkaurmarcia13 #oneness #curiosity #kundalini #meditation #themahanrajmethod #blessed #vistaca #inspirationalquotes ... See MoreSee Less
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Great Divine Flow Yoga
Join Mahanraj Kaur and MahanSatSiri Kaur for a deeply magical evening of healing. We will be working with the Wheel of the Goddess this Year, starting with Imbolc, meaning in the Belly. Tonight we honor the in between time, still winter, not yet spring. We travel to the womb of the Sophia and we sit with our longing, our yearning and we embrace all that has not yet Birthed!In the womb of the Mother there is infinite possibility. This is where the Goddess celebrates the Art of Not Knowing. This takes great Confidence, Courage and Clarity. We will be blessed by the Full Moon in Leo and all the Miraculous Self Love Energy it brings to assist us in Holding the High Note Mystery and Possibilities! As always, power Goddess Swag Bags and personal messages for everyone! Limited space for the In Studio experience so sign up to save your spot.This workshop will also be offered on ZoomFriday, February 3rd 6:30-9pm Members $22Guests $33 Link in Bio @mahanrajkaurmarcia13 @mahan_satsiri #imbolc #goddess #fullmoon #leo #womensupportingwomen #womenempowerment #kundalini #vistaca ... See MoreSee Less
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Great Divine Flow Yoga
Repetition Rhythm Rejuvenation and ultimately Supreme Radiance! These are the gifts we receive by chanting the Song of the Soul the “Jap-ji”. That sounds pretty incredible right?!? So the invitation is to follow and integrate oneness consciousness in our daily lives as householders. This is a revolutionary concept for the times. In the past yogis isolated themselves to avoid being corrupted by distracting and, what they deemed to be, unspiritual maya. However, in Kundalini this is not recommended. There is no escaping the physical reality. Instead we are invited to recognize our role in upgrading the consciousness of our environments and to take the opportunity and use the gifts that we have been given to actively participate in action that will bring our being and the world into oneness.Chanting sacred mantra connects us to our Souls. It Fulfills the spiritual longing that is ingrained in every single human being. The Japji explores the quantum step to enter our inner reality, quiet the conflict in our mind, and relax the tension in our physical and emotional bodies. To satisfy our yearning to experience are oneness with the universal one, we have to commune with the vibration of creation that emanates are very own being. Your desire for happiness is the entry point of healing and ascension. Your Enlightenment is inevitable the moment we recognize who we are and whose we are!Kundalini Yoga, #themahanrajmethod illumines your path to Happiness. All the tools for Spiritual Awakening are experienced in every class. Now is the time. Answer your call to Happiness and come see us at GDF. First class is FreeLink in Bio @mahanrajkaurmarcia13 #happy #kundalini #vistaca #meditation ... See MoreSee Less
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